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For every ailment on earth the spirits have provided a cure.
Our job is to find it.  – Don Elijio Panti

Herbal Immersion

During this 5 days workshop students dipped into the wonderful herbs of Belize, learned how they can support themselves their clients, friends and families with herbal formulas.

They left inspired to create and use simple remedies for home and professional use.
They were fascinated by listening to the stories, of how Rosita was introduced to these herbs by Don Elijio Panti and other traditional healers and why she decided to preserve them.

In 1992 she started to create formulas to help people with different ailments.

They learned where Eva and Toby Sengfelder collect the herbs and create herbal tinctures and salves today at Arco Iris Permaculture Farm, the home of Rainforest Remedies since 2015, and how they can use the products for themselves and their clients.

They learned how to do a herbal bath, they practiced spiritual bathing, a tool to get emotionally better.

They practiced salve making, made a cough syrup, a tincture, compresses, poultices and various herbal teas.

A highlight was the Forest Bathing or Shin Rin Yoku, to deeply relax and rejuvenate.

To find out when this class will be offered again check out www.abdominaltherapycollective.com


"The Herbal Immersion Intensive is a 5 star experience. This workshop is excellent for healers who desire an immersive education within a community of like minds; and who want to walk away with concrete immediately applicable knowledge and skills. We not only learned about a plethora of medicinal herbs in Belize and the USA, but we also learned how to create teas, tinctures, salves, wound powders, and spiritual baths. That is SO empowering!

Dr. Rosita is a phenomenal teacher - passionate, engaging, and intuitive; and Ms. Eva is a beautiful complement - attentive, detail-oriented, and warm.

Beyond all of this, we had the privilege of a resort-style retreat complete with 3 delicious meals each day of our stay (thanks Tobe!), a guest house with pool access, and a beautiful tropical wonderland to explore at our leisure.

I highly recommend Dr. Rosita's and Eva's workshops to any self-healer or practitioner who is serious about increasing their expertise and sharpening their skills in ways that honor the wisdom of our ancestors/the ancients.

I am eternally grateful for their nurturing guidance."
Jamie LaShea Jenkins

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